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I am a scientist and a researcher who is fascinated by the interactions between light and matter, which has lead me to become an expert in state-of-the-art laser spectroscopy methods. 

For me, the most thrilling part of being a scientist is the cross-referencing of interdisciplinary sources to find the key questions that will lead to ground-breaking science. I am a 'big picture' scientist, who seeks to 'zoom-out' to see the wider implications of my research and then pursue transformative translational research.

In addition, I am a strong believer in the democratization of science. This implies a strong commitment to contributing to a diverse scientific community, but also to helping science overflow the boundaries of knowledge production centres into the wider society. I believe people should be able not only to access scientific information but also to navigate it and use it to make truly informed decisions.

I am, therefore, a keen communicator who is constantly seeking opportunities to talk about science to as wide an audience as possible, be that talking about spectroscopy or about the role of science in society. Perhaps as a result of my interest in science communication, I have also become an award-winning teacher and writer.


After completing my schooling in Portugal, I moved to the United Kingdom (UK) in 2010 to attend an MChem degree in Chemistry with a Year in Industry at the University of Leicester. As part of this degree I took a year-long placement with the Science and Technology Facilities Council, at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (Didcot, Oxord, UK), during which I worked at the Central Laser Facility within the Artemis experiment. For my final year at the University of Leicester, I did my masters under the supervision of Prof. Shengfu Yang, and graduated with a first class degree in 2014.

I then moved to the University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) to undertake my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Vasilios G. Stavros. I carried out ultrafast laser spectroscopy studies on sunscreen molecules, both in the gas-phase and in solution, having published a thesis titled 'Ultrafast photoprotection mechanisms: expediting the molecular design of sunscreen agents', which won the 2018 Warwick Science Faculty Thesis Prize. During my time as a PhD student I was also a nominee and winner of the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduates Who Teach, and was awarded an Academic Fellowship by the Warwick Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning to develop an undergraduate experiment on the 'Photochemistry of sunscreen molecules'.

After completing my PhD I was awarded an Early Career Fellowship from both the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study and the Warwick Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning to carry on working on my PhD project and further develop my teaching. Afterwards, I worked as a postdoc on BoostCrop, a FET-Open H2020 project focused on applying ultrafast laser spectroscopy knowledge to develop 'molecular heaters' to protect plants from frosts and thus enhance crop yields.

Currently, I am a Marie Curie Research Fellow (Society&Enterprise panel) working at Lipotec (TM) Active Ingredients, part of Lubrizol Life Science Beauty, under grant agreement 844177 - SUNNRL, Novel Photoprotective Cosmetics: From Fundamental Science to Product. This project aims to bring fundamental spectroscopy knowledge and techniques to the cosmetics industry, with a view to improving current sunscreen and suncare technology.


Faraday Discussion on Ultrafast Photoinduced Energy and Charge Transfer
Ventura, CA, USA, April 2019
Femtochemistry Conference
Canún, México, August 2017
Royal Society of Chemistry Early Career Symposium
Liverpool, UK, August 2018
Faraday Joint Interest Group Conference 2017 
Coventry, UK, April 2017
The Iberian Joint Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics
Barcelona, Spain, September 2017
Faraday Discussion on the Ultrafast Imaging of Photochemical Dynamics
Edinburgh, UK, January 2016


Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Member of the Institute of Physics

Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (now AdvanceHE)

Associate Fellow of the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study
Ordinary member of the committee of the Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Co-opted ordinary member of the committee of the Molecular Physics Group of the Institute of Physics

Co-founder and co-organizer of BlackInChem

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